Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nuevo Departamento

The Big Move

Our lease at our apartment was ending at the end of May and we debated whether or not to stay and keep paying a pretty hefty rent. Mike’s still looking for a job and I get paid in pesos so it was draining both of us. Ultimately, we wanted to save money and I wanted to be closer to my work. I was commuting over an hour everyday and it was destroying my soul and making me a very angry commuter. So we started looking at furnished places around town in neighborhoods closer to my school. We found one in a great (but very chi-chi) neighborhood. It ended up being way more expensive than we had thought because we had to pay first months rent ($750), a deposit ($750), and a real estate agent fee (another whopping $750).

I went to work the next day after discovering how we’d go broke if we moved into another touristy furnished apartment. My co-workers were listening to my tragic situation and then one (Mora) told me she had an unfurnished place for rent in a perfectly placed location. Mike and I went to look at it one Friday while the current renter was just moving out, and we loved it. It’s smaller than are previous place but it has two levels and is cute as all get up. Plus my commute will only be 1 short train ride and 7 blocks to walk VS. 1 long train ride and two packed subway rides or a bus that takes over 1 hour and basically tours the entire city.

Plus, all the furnishings are going to be lent to us by people from my work. Mora’s lending us a couch and bed while others have given us a comforter, pillows and silverware. I really think we’re the luckiest foreigners in this big ole city. Well almost everything is being lent to us. We did have to buy a fridge (the first time in both Mike and my life!). He found one on Mercardo Libre which is a Latin version of EBay and accidentally clicked buy. It all worked out fine since we got a used functioning fridge that was delivered from down the street. Sweetness! Oh and the best part about the new hood is the fact that there is a Middle-eastern restaurant not too far away. I couldn’t be happier to eat food other than breads, pastas, and meat. Mmm…falafel!!

The weather has been nuts¡ The weekend we moved happened to be the hottest weekend in 50 years! Its supposed to be winter and the last few days have been in the 80’s while last week it was in the 50’s. Whoever doesn’t believe in global warming needs to check out BA.

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