Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mike's Bday and Extras

Mike’s Cumpleaños
During the moving process, we managed to squeeze in celebrating Mike’s 31st. On his actual b-day, we went out to a delicious Korean meal (food we hadn’t eaten yet here). It was incredible to taste such great spice and yummy dishes that Korean’s prepare so well. Both of our palettes were pleased.

The next night, a friend of ours-Andrew-whose birthday is two days after Mike’s, planned a get together at a bar in Las Cañitas (the chi-chi neighborhood that we thought about moving into). It was great to have friends from Frisbee, our former neighbors, and other BA friends come and celebrate. The bar was named Van Kooning (after the painter) and it had a wild décor of brick, deer horns, and multi-leveled rooms. Plus, they had over 50 beers from around the world and cocktails, both things which are rare to find in a bar here. We got there early to reserve huge room near an outdoor terrace. Mike, Andrew, his girlfriend (Belu), and I all munched on a giant picada platter consisting of cheese, meat, olives, eggplant, hummus, grapes, and bread. It was tasty and overwhelming. Then Belu busted out 3 cakes she had made-1 for Andrew, 1 for Mike, and 1 for everyone else. It was very sweet and they were amazingly delicious.

The night went on until about 5:30 am and ended with 2 bottles of champagne on the house. There were about 8 stragglers who all left together and wandered to the bus stop. We got home and crashed in our new place on the floor because the bed hasn’t arrived yet. It was a nice way to end a stressful week of moving and hard work. Luckily I have a nice long weekend to recover (its Argentina’s “almost” independence day-the real one is in July).

Extras-I‘m finally legal! After 5 months of getting papers sent from the states, resent, verified, translated into Spanish, stamped, and spending a long day at immigrations, I finally got my work visa. Along with that comes health care and my own bank account where my paychecks are directly deposited. It feels good to be legit.

Swine flu comes to Buenos Aires- I just found out that there were a few cases of swine flu at my school (which includes a Kindergarten, Primary and High school) and so we’re closed for 15 days as stated by the health inspector of Argentina. Unexpected vacation or notice that I may be contagious….mmm. Thanks to this scare, I get some time off and Mike and I will be visiting Iguazu Falls (a famous waterfall near the Brazil and Paraguay border) this weekend. Woohoo! I never thought I'd be so thankful to pigs. Hope you're healthy..oink.

And of course FRISBEE!!!
Our team is currently in first place (out of 4 teams-now we're cooking with gas) and we're full of gusto. Here's a recent photo. Oh and our name is Big Red for two reasons. One is that Red means web or network in Spanish and we have players from all over the world (Argentina, Colombia, Japan, Canada and the US). And the other reason is that one of the co-captains loves the chewing gun with the same name-jajajaja.

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